How did you learn how to do this?

a)  I am self-taught.

b) I took a class called "Painting for Masochists."

c) I learned in prison.

d) Wait - do you think someone would actually teach this??

e) one of the above.

What do they call ths kind of painting?

Technically, I guess you could say I use a "pointillist" technique (a fancy word for, "lot's o' dots.")  Pointillism, or "neo-impressionism," was famously practiced by the French painters Georges Seurat and Paul Signac in the late 1880's.

How long does it take to paint one of these things?

a) Just a few minutes - I am very fast.

b)  It depends on the piece, obviously.  from about an hour or so, to 30 hours, or more, for the larger items..  (But I generally take a nap, partway through the process.).

c)  I have no idea.  It would depress me to figure it out.

d)  One - or maybe two - of the above.

How do you get the dots so uniform?

This is my secret weapon:  I use a special instrument called a "color shaper" which has a rubber tip.  The size of the tip on the shaper, and the degree of pressure I use, will determine the size of the dot.  This also helps create the unique texture on my pieces.  (And sometimes I use a regular paint brush or sponge, depending on the design.)

How do you create these designs without a stencil?

I have absolutely no idea.

Don't you find this kind of work tedious?

Let's just say "one man's tedium is another man's meditation."  It just feels very "zen" to me, and no, I don't have a great deal of patience for things in any other area of my life!

What other kinds of pieces do you do?

If it is on wood or glass, I can paint it!  Anything and everything - boxes, picture frames, mirror frames, furntiure, wine racks, bottles, pendants - you name it, I'll paint it.  I also love to use "found objects" that I pick up here and there: liquor bottles, oil and vinegar bottles, furniture and stuff that I pick up at yard and estate sales, small pets..

Okay, one of those is wrong....

Can you personalize your work?

Absolutely!  I have done a bunch of small boxes (that for children, I call "tooth fairy boxes" - it is where they can put their baby tooth when it falls out, for the tooth fairy to exchange for some money.  In my day it was a quarter, but I guess you could fold up a ten dollar bill in there, too.).  If you want something personalized, I will do it.  I am very easy that way.

I have an old coffee table (or, children's desk, or... just fill in the blank).  Could you do something with it for me?

Of course!  I love doing custom and/or commissioned projects!  If you live in Manhattan, and it is something I can carry back to my home studio (I guess that rules out your floor-to-ceiling entertainment unit) I will return it to you, colorfully "transformed".  We can discuss colors, styles, things in your home or office that you want it to match up or "fit in" with, and I will get started!

Or, if you want me to find a particular kind of item for you and "Tylercraftworks it", I can do that, too.  And, as always, you tell me what kind of styles, colors and techniques you are looking for, and I will do my best to create it to your specifications.

And if I don't like the results?

I will take it back.  No questions asked.

Do you provide shipping?

Only to this planet.  I will ship anywhere in the world, and I will find out the most inexpensive way to do so.  But I will have to ask you to pay for shipping.  If you live in New York City, I can deliver it for free.  (With the rents we pay, you deserve a break, anyway.)

Wow!  You're prices are so reasonable!  (Okay, I know this is not exactly a question...)

Yes, they are, aren't they?  Call me crazy.  (Trust me, you won't be the first person to tell me that.)

Wow!  Why are your prices so high?  (See?  I wrote this one in the form of a question.  Thank you, Alex Trebek!)

Please keep in mind that many of these pieces take quite a long time to do.  Given the time involved, I really do think my prices are quite reasonable.  Remember, these pieces are all individually created, and not mass-produed items you can buy at Pier 1.  In fact, my goal, someday, is to make more than minimum wage.  At this point I am still pretty far away from that!