About Diane Tyler and Tyler Craftworks:

I was told by ny mother that, as a small child, I liked to "doodle with dots," but it wasn't until much later, in my late 30's, that I thought about creating art as a potential carrer.

A while back, while pursuing my career as a professional actress, I found myself on a stalled subway train and, while looking around for something to read, I came across a booklet that someone had left on an empty seat.  It was from a show at the Museum of Modern art devoted to Aboriginal Dream Painting.

I became immediately intrigued with the beautifully intricate, dot-filled, story-telling designs of the people indigenous to Australia.

I began to use this inspiration to decorate furntiture pieces in my apartment, and small objects that could be similarly "transformed."

And thus, "Tyler Craftworks" was born.

While continuing to be primarily "devoted to dots," I have since branched out to add to my original "dream-painting" inspiration, an eclectic mix of other painting styles and motifs. past and present.  I have also begun branching out to use translucent paints and techniques, to bring a "stained-glass" flavor to some of my work.  I particularly enjoy workig with "found objects" furniture pieces and non item pieces with various surfaces that I pick up at yard and estate slaes, liquor bottles, etc., some of which can be found on my website.

I also continue to pursue my career as an actress, playwright and director, and reside in downtown Manhattan with poet, Tony Towle.


Every Tyler Craftworks piece is a one-of-a-kind work of art.   No duplicates are ever made (unless specifically requested by the purchaser). Whether you use a Tyler Craftworks piece as a unique decor addition to your home or office, or to present as a special gift, you won't find the same Tyler Craftworks piece in any store or market!

Every Tyler Craftworks piece is done free-hand by the artist.   No stencils or pre-planned sketches are ever used.  I pick color combination that interest me, and then let them "speak to me", dot by dot, or stroke by stroke, as I go along.  (More often than not, I am just as surprised as anyone else, by the final results!)

You will be helping to support an endangered species: the artisan!   In our overly mechanized, mass-produced world, it is important to recognize and appreciaite the place in our culture for those who create work by hand, piece by piece, adding to and enhancing the beauty of life.  On behalf of all artisans, everywhere: THANK YOU!